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Educating Children on Healthy Eating

Victoria is an amazing Certified Instructor for the Mad Food Science Program that is run in schools across Australia. She is passionate about educating children on healthy food and if your school hasn't been through this program I suggest you make it happen! Read her blog below for more information. 

Introducing Nourished Viktory

Let me introduce myself, My name is Victoria, I’m a wife, mother, passionate foodie, advocate for children’s health, cookbook author, Mad Food Science Instructor and supporter of natural health and low-tox living.

I’m passionate about helping others in particular young children and their families discover the importance of eating real foods. I have created a recipe book which combines a fruit, vegetable and protein source which are an easy addition to the school lunchboxes. I run a program in schools called the Mad Food Science Program which focuses on getting children to eat more real foods and minimise processed foods. I am active in my local community of TOOWOOMBA and often run food workshops around “Healthy Lunchboxes” and recipes using real ingredients for children and parents.

My real food journey started in 2015 after the arrival of my second child, I was a stressed out- busy working mum, dealing with my son’s high demands and inappropriate behaviour. I found myself running out of answers and suffering in silence. After researching many behaviour techniques and attending therapy sessions I shifted my attention to the foods we were eating, starting reading food labels, and removing additives and preservatives. Doing this my son changed, he was happier, healthier and his behaviour became easier to manage. I knew there were plenty of other mums out there experiencing the same overwhelm so I wanted to do something about it.

Taking the Opportunity

I came across a job opportunity which covered the same principals I wanted to share, that was to empower children to eat more real foods (fruits and vegetables) and minimise the amount of processed foods being consumed.  I loved this health message and the timing was perfect. Combining the two passions I had, working with children and healthy eating.

I have been a Certified Instructor of The Mad Food Science Program since October 2018 and have taught this information to community groups, schools, sporting groups and TAFE students. I have empowered nearly 2500 children, teachers and parents on the importance of eating real foods and giving them the power to make their own decisions.

The program was founded 7 years ago, when a passionate mum Belinda Smith was fed up with her daughter’s lunchbox coming home full, as other children were bulling her for having a healthy lunchbox. She was asked to come and explain to her daughter’s classmates why she packs her lunchbox full of real food. After completing the session she was asked to educate the whole school and as word of mouth spread, she began teaching the program in other schools around Sydney.

The Root Cause

Belinda then formed “The Root Cause” and named the program “The Mad Food Science Program” delivering into schools and community groups right across Australia. To date, empowering over 35 000 children, parents and teachers to make better food choices. There are now 18 instructors across Australia delivering this program into schools and to community groups. 

The program is about empowering children through fun, By taking a whole school approach, The Mad Food Science Program is designed to start conversations with children, parents and teachers about food and how it impacts health, learning, waste and the environment. 

With the students, it’s about educating them to start making better food choices straight away, using experiments, observations, and discussions to reinforce key health messages.

For the teachers and the school management team, it’s about providing valuable data about food and waste at the school so that you can use this to develop and enhance the school’s strategic plan.

The programs key health messages for children are:

  • Why their body needs a rainbow of fruit and vegetables
  • To taste food with their tongue, not with their eyes
  • How food can affect their mood, concentration and behaviour
  • To take responsibility for what they put in their mouth
  • How to read food packets, and why real food is so much better

The program offers a free session for parents to attend as well as resources for the school and newsletter tips that get send home each week to continue the conversations around the importance of eating real food.

How can you get on board?

The program relies on passionate parents, p and c members, teaching staff, and interested community members for the program to go ahead in schools. If you are interested in getting the program into your school head over to: for a free information pack

You can find me on Facebook or Instagram @NourishedViktory

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