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The Basics of EFT (Tapping)

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as Tapping) are a novel intervention combining elements of exposure and cognitive therapy and somatic stimulation. Its a unique relaxation and stress reduction tool, that works like emotional or psychological acupuncture- without the needles! 
Using EFT reduces stress levels and releases tension within the body. Who doesn’t want to be less stressed and more relaxed? It is also used for a variety of issues like anxiety, food cravings, addictions, phobias and goal setting
Using EFT is incredibly simple once you have the basic idea down pat. 
We tap on acupressure points around the upper body, while using statements to target specific emotions, feelings, memories and sensations. 
As shown in the picture, the acupressure points are located above the beginning of your eyebrow, to the side of your eye, below your eye, your upper lip, chin, collarbone or chest, under your arm and on the top of your head. 
You can tap one side over the other or can even tap with both hands, whatever you feel most comfortable with.
To tap we use the index and middle finger to gently tap the acupressure point, while repeating the specific  statements after your practitioner. Don’t worry, they will also tap the points to keep you on track. 
This often feels very strange when you first start, but after a few appointments it will become second nature!
To find out how Tapping can help you, book an appointment with Blaise our certified Evidence Based EFT practitioner.
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