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Cyndi O'Meara has done it again!  Do you REALLY know what you’re putting on your fork? Just like the fork on the front cover, today’s food is also twisted – twisted by lies and deceit into a gruesome mess that is called ‘healthy food’… that leaves you unsatisfied, unmotivated, unhealthy,...
OVER 140 HEALTHY AND EASY TO FOLLOW RECIPES THAT ARE EASY TO MAKE AND TASTE DELICIOUS! This Recipe Book is the perfect gift for a loved one or just for yourself.  With this book, it will be easy to get your children and family involved in the cooking process too....
8 week program - Heal Your Body – top nutritional principles and tips on how to heal your body in a holistic way, by teaching you to understand the way your body works Eating with Balance – removing anxiety, fear and stress around eating for a healthier relationship with food...
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Gut and Psychology Syndrome provides an in-depth understanding on the  information you need to heal your gut. A great read for anyone suffering from Autism, Dyslexia, Mental Health issues, Dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, Schizophrenia, and any other condition that has a link with gut dysbiosis. Read and see why thousands of...
This is the must have gut health cookbook. 150 Kultured Wellness recipes containing sweet and savoury gut friendly recipes!