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'I just want to also say how much my little world has started to open up since I started coming to the changing habits course! I thought I was just going to try and find motivation to eat well and maybe loose a bit of weight but it's turned into a whole other journey for me and I'm excited! You are doing great things Elspeth!'
K, Toowoomba
'Before starting my journey with Elspeth, I had general low energy every day and was always craving sugar. Each morning I woke up tired and was lethargic for most of the day. I also experienced constant soreness in my wrists which would keep me up at night and prevented me from being able to pick up items or open jars. As a nurse in a busy hospital and working shift work, these negative symptoms were greatly affecting my ability to live and enjoy life. Each day was a struggle. After starting on this way of life I now wake up feeling refreshed and energised and I have energy to get through my busy day. I have also not experienced ANY pain in my wrists at all. I honestly enjoy eating the healthy food that Elspeth promotes and I now have enough energy to exercise and to actually enjoy it! I feel great and I am very thankful for having met Elspeth and being encouraged on this journey.'
Alison, Toowoomba
"Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge to teach me to run.  Less than a year ago I was a total non-runner.  Now i am a regular at Park Run and loving it as well as finishing my first ever 10km at the gold coast marathon carnival.  I am achieving running goals i never thought possible and its thanks to you.'  
'I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Elspeth as my health coach. The support and encouragement is so valuable in helping you achieve your health goals. I loved the flexibility in sessions and the opportunity to work together on a plan designed to prioritise my individual needs. I highly recommend this program for anyone needing information, support or guidance for their health'
'Thank you for the help you gave us with our 6 year old daughters tummy problem. We've been potato free since mothers day, and it has made a massive difference. If I accidentally give her the dinner with roast potatoes, there's a riot! I thought it would have been hard to remove, but she notices such a difference, that she doesn't miss them at all'.
'Since starting my sessions with Elspeth, I have been more motivated & inspired to continue on my journey for overall happiness & wellness. She has helped me throughout my recent pregnancy & breastfeeding challenges, and I feel very blessed to have found such an encouraging mentor. Elspeth's knowledge of all things wholesome & healthy is profound, and she has lots of little resources and hints & tips to guide you on your way!'