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EFT - Resistance

I'm sure by now you have either had a one on one session with our practitioners to get you started or have been following along with our tapping sessions on our Facebook page.

As you begin your Tapping journey, you will experience the relief and elation that comes with overcoming thought patterns, limiting beliefs and overwhelming emotions, but you may also hit resistance from time to time.

Resistance or road blocks to your progress can be experienced in different ways. You may feel a sense of unease, anxiety, distress or discomfort, while tapping on an intense event or situation. Commonly clients may try and discredit or disrupt the process to escape the spotlight that Tapping puts on their issues and traumas. It may even get so uncomfortable that you lash out emotionally, there may be tears, frustration even anger. These are all examples of self protection behaviours that we have relied on to keep ourselves safe and cope with intense emotional stress. Its no wonder they pop up when we highlight an area of sensitivity during our Tapping session!

Resistance is an indicator that you're on track and successfully pinpointing areas that need to be explored and released. A very good sign!

Having a practitioner to walk you through and objectively guide your focus, allows you the support needed to process even the most difficult of events, relationships or beliefs. We focus on gently approaching the issue, loosening it on all sides to make the release as easy as possible to work through, in this way we can release even the most stubborn of problem and discharge the fear and apprehension until you feel safe enough to confront it head on.

This will also aid you to develop resilience in your practice and give you the skills to process your emotions healthily, while continuing to challenge yourself further.

Guiding you through this resistance is something we specialise in so if this has sparked your interest and you know you have some road blocks to get through, contact us today to make an appointment and discover how personalised EFT sessions can support your healing and well being!

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