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Understanding your genomic wellness can catapult your health and wellness. With SmartDNA you can uncover your own genetic health and understand how to tailor your food and lifestyle to support your genetics. This is extremely powerful and empowering information that can address many health issues such as

    • Weight
    • Infertility
    • Diabetes
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Chronic illness
    • Diet
    • Exercise

      SmartDNA covers 100 DNA and is an affordable comprehensive approach to individualised health plans. The action steps are simple and you will be provided with a personalised optimal wellness program, guidance and support from Food For Life.
      The test investigates over 100 DNA changes affecting: 

      • Fat Metabolism
      • Risk of Metabolic Syndrome
      • Risk of Diabetes
      • Salt Sensitivity
      • Levels of CoQ10
      • Levels of Omega 3 & Omega 6
      • Levels of Dietary Vitamins
      • Methylation, Folate & Cofactors
      • Risk of Choline Deficiency
      • Caffeine Metabolism
      • Risk of Coeliac Disease
      • Likelihood of Lactose Intolerance
      • Oxidative Stress
      • Phase I & II Detoxification
      • Weight Management
      • Stress Responses
      • Sleep & Seasonal Variation 



        Smart GUT

        Are you suffering from chronic health issues?

        -       Gastrointestinal infections (Blastocystis, Dientamoeba, Giardia etc)

        -       Crohn’s disease

        -       Ulcerative Colitis

        -       IBS

        -       SIBO

        -       Coeliac’s disease

        -       Non-Coeliac gluten sensitivity

        -       Malabsorption syndromes

        -       Food Intolerances

        -       Mental health

        -       Anxiety

        -       Depression

        -       Pyroluria

        -       Panic disorders

        -       Insomnia

        -       Poor stress resilience

        -       MTHFR

        -       Methylation

        -       Skin Disorders 

        -       Autism

        Understanding your microbiome enables you to address food intolerances, bloating, embarrassing digestive problems and health issues that no one can find an answer for? With the knowledge of Food for Life coaches you can understand your gut bacteria and parasites that may be harbouring in your digestive tract. This can provide vital information to understand how to optimize your gut health and increase your energy.

        Our microbiome harbour thousands of bacteria that perform essential functions such as digesting food and synthesizing vitamins. Furthermore, recent research has also linked our microbiome with mood, behaviour, many gut disorders, weight issues, eczema and chronic sinusitis.

        Food for Life offer two options of testing and it is important to understand both tests to decide on the test that is right for you. Please contact Food for Life today and find out the best Microbiome test for you.