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Relationships & Connection

In this day and age we are more 'connected' yet report more loneliness and isolation than ever before.

Every relationship has 'disconnection pitfalls', issues can be very sensitive and create one to feel vulnerable. Feeling vulnerable can then lead to disconnecting from there partner. The most common issues that arise in relationships that can impact our connection are sex, money, communication, addiction, and work/life balance. If we are disconnected in our relationships, we end up in dysfunctional relationships that easily break apart. 

One important aspect in relationships is to navigate how to keep the connection alive and address the disconnection pitfalls experienced. Here are some simple strategies to keep connected and in a loving relationship.


Studies have found that being part of a community is a protective factor in relationships. Communities can help us get through tough times and provide support, encouragement and wisdom to overcome areas in our life where we are struggling. Sometimes we can get lost in our busy lives and our lifestyles can disconnect us from loved ones who are there to support us. 


The beauty of people is that we are all different but our differences, when in relationships, can sometimes become an issue. Understanding the differences in each other and establishing support to address the potential problems is an important step in any relationship. If we do not address these issues, they can become a much larger problem than need be. The danger of thinking “We can figure this out on our own.” creates an unhealthy reliance on our partner and can leave us feeling isolated in the problem. It also means we probably won’t ask for help until the house is on fire. 


I see many disconnected couples that have forgotten how and why they enjoy spending time together. In a world full of distractions such as social media and technology we have simply forgot how to turn it all off and enjoy eating dinner together and discussing our day. Think about those areas of your relationship where you can create more activities that are focused on spending quality time together and implement them daily. Turn technology off while preparing dinner and eating together at the table. Turn social media off and talk to each other in bed at night. Enjoy a picnic on a weekend, implement catch up nights once a week - this is especially important part if you have children.

Enjoy creating more connected relationships!

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