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Food For Life Philosophy


Studies have shown that our health is directly linked to our environment. This includes how we treat our environment and what we do as we go about our daily lives. Becoming a conscious consumer means being aware of what items we use in our household and the impact they can cause when we use them improperly. It also means knowing where our food comes from and how the different products we use daily, especially products for our skin, is made. We all know that some companies adhere to a high standard on how their products are made and sourced, while other companies are lax in this department. It is indeed up to us to know and find out if the products we use are ethically made and produced. Reducing the use of chemicals in food is a great first step. New ways of buying and shopping for food are imperative to ensure our health and that of our family. Focus on buying natural, organic and whole foods instead of fast foods, highly processed foods or GM altered foods. If our world is polluted, our bodies become polluted. If your family around you is not happy, there’s a big chance that you’ll be unhappy, too. Make the best environment for you and your family. It is up to you to make this first step.


Healthy habits are easy to form when put our minds to it. There are many ways to create healthy long term habits that can help you achieve optimum levels of health. I help guide individuals to achieve a balanced lifestyle between family, friends, career, personal growth and spirituality. I support clients in understanding what is right for their personal diet, nutrition, exercise, health and well-being. I can help motivate clients in taking responsibility for their health and well-being.


For some, finding their real passion is difficult because it gets lost in their hectic schedule. The amount of media “noise” and technology makes it difficult to find your center. It’s hard to find inner peace and quiet when you’re always connected – whether it’s to the office, to your friends or to groups that compete for your attention. There’s too many distractions to really find out what your passion in life is. Some women drift from one relationship to another, while others lose their optimism in life. Some women get frazzled by motherhood and get terribly tired. I am passionate in helping women find their voice and rekindle that fire again. I can help you find your passion, your conviction and a path to helping you realize your goals.


Do you know what gets you moving? Purposeful activities will help you clear your mind and awaken every cell in your body. Movement gets the blood flowing and helps you become happier and healthier! You may find out that you enjoy running, walking, yoga, Pilates, boxing, tennis or dancing. Or perhaps you enjoy a combination of these activities. No matter what it is, movement is essential. So find one or two that you LOVE doing and start right now!


We are all different and have our own unique physical features and personalities. We have unique internal and bio-chemical make-up. This is in essence, is what makes us special. Every individual is distinct – from what foods nourish us to how we digest this food. We have different sensitivities to elements in our environment, the pollutants that surround us, and even the way our bodies get rid of these toxins. We look and behave differently. This is why it is important to embrace who we are and work with our bodies in developing our strengths and exploring new ways to make us better, stronger and healthier.


I believe that what we do, what we feel, and what we think about has a direct impact on our physical well-being. Our thoughts, attitudes and belief system are all integral in making our bodies healthy. Research has shown that what we feed our mind and body and how we treat our environment will influence our behaviors, both in a positive and negative way.

The key is to find a balance between what is happening in the present and our idea of what happiness is. We are living in a time when we are always rushed and there’s always pressure around us. But that’s part and parcel of life. The key to having inner peace is finding gratitude in what we have right now. Stop worrying about the past because the past is done. Don’t fret about the future because the future and all that it brings will unravel in time. I can help you find that balance and help you harness your energies. The mind and heart at peace will lead to a happier life.


Throughout much literature one important pillar of health is spirituality. Having a direct relationship with our creator and regularly participating in prayer, meditation, mindfulness techniques brings peace to our lives. This is one area of wellbeing we can forget in our busy lives. 


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