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Committed to Health and Healing

Most of you reading this are either very aware or becoming more aware of just how important the role is that food plays on our health and vitality as we move through life. Our needs will change constantly but the fact that our body relies on the nourishment we get from what we put in our mouth will always be of utmost importance.

I have seen many people make remarkable changes to all areas of their health and well being but the story you are about to read is incredible and demonstrates just how powerful food can be in our journey to optimal health. Thank you to the very committed and beautiful Sally for telling her story.

In Sally’s words, this is her story…

My Mum worked hard to give me the best life, to do everything she could for me to live a healthy, happy life. I didn’t start talking until I was 4 years old and then it was very limited sound. For many years we thought I had Dyspraxia and every time we saw a doctor, we were told I had all sort of learning difficulties no one know really knew what was wrong. We were told I may only ever have about 10 to 15% of my speech but that didn’t stop us, we were not giving up! I see things and think differently in my eyes and mind, it’s very hard when I try to tell someone something and I know what I want to say but am unable to express it or they don’t understand the words or know what I’m saying. For many years when I was young, my mouth would move and no sound would come out, I felt frustrated that I couldn’t let mum or people know what I wanted to say. We were told to learn AUSLAN - Australia Sign Language as I would never talk and had a slim chance of finishing school…again, we were not giving up!

Growing up, I had chiropractic care, we were careful of chemicals in our home and we were eating very well. I had a good, healthy life but just needed to work a little harder than everyone else at school. I was very quiet and keep to myself a lot because of my condition, all that I ever wanted, was to live a normal life like everyone else, I didn't want to be different. I was worried people would not understand me and I always thought ‘Why me?’. It wasn't until I left high school (YES! I completed school!) that my life truly changed. I learnt more about health, well being, chemical free living, finding my passion and what I’m really meant to be doing on this earth. I was determined to keep on going. It was hard sometimes and there were times that I felt like I wanted to give up, but I just kept on going and pushing through. However, I lost the spark in my eye.

In 2010, we heard about a new genetic test and we decided to book it. In January 2011 I went to Brisbane and had the test done, a day or 2 before my 18th Birthday we received the results back with a diagnosis of 7q11.23 duplicate as it doesn't have a name yet and is very rare. This condition effects your speech, muscle tone, digestive issues, thinning of the artery walls and anxiety. Now we know for sure why I have speech difficulties and anxiety so with this information we started to research more about 7q11.23.

This was the turning point in my life. This was where nutrition really came into effect. Through our research we came across a local Nutritionist called Cyndi O’Meara. When Cyndi O’ Meara launched her Functional Nutrition program, I knew I wanted to enrol. I began studying through the program and by doing this course I met my Practitioner/Health Coach Elspeth. I started to see Elspeth to finally get on top of how to make sure the 7q11.23 doesn’t control my life but is simply something that I have.  We started with a GAPS consultation, I had DNA and Microbiome tests done, we explored these results, found I don't keep enough B12 and folate in my system which is also part of the duplication syndrome as well as having too much inflammation and a gut that was not functioning optimally, so I then went on a journey to heal my gut.

It has been a long two-year journey so far, but it has been truly worth it, I have come so far. Realising the impact certain ‘healthy’ foods can have on me personally, has been eye opening and given me a deep understanding of just how individual optimal nutrition is.

There have been many changes to my diet and lifestyle the last couple of years. Over this time, I have really become fully aware of how important everything that my Mum did for me was, how it had affected myself and my condition in so many different and positive ways. I have been through daily highs and lows through saddest, loneliness, fears, obstacles, self- doubt and happy times. However, I knew I never wanted to return to the place of fears and loneliness again, this made me even more determined to create the life I wanted.

While working through my dietary changes and studying with the Functional Nutrition Academy, I also worked with an Integrated therapist, Kinesiologist, EFT Practitioner and I signed up to a personal development course looking into self-care and self-love as I had spent years not thinking very kindly to myself or my body. I learnt about myself in more ways then I could imagine; physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Today I now have 90% to 95% of my speech. I completed year 12 with the help of a learning support teacher and even won awards at my high school. I have a live blood analysis every 6 months and my blood cells are perfect nice, round and no inflammation in my blood. I have learnt to fall in love with myself, I have never been this happy and smiling before. I am ready to be myself, my true self. I have even started a Facebook page around my love of fermented foods - Fermented Foods by Sally.

I am truly proud of where I have come. I believe that through this holistic approach with a focus on and commitment to my individual nutrition, I have been able to grow, connect to my inner self and be the person that I was meant to be. I am ready to move on to a new exciting chapter of my life to shine and be my true self.

I have shared my story with you, in hopes to inspire others to look into their own health and wellness as I believe everyone has the potential to and deserves to, live a life full of love and vitality.

Sally xxx

Robyn bower February 07, 2019

Sally-Anne your journey started the day you where born making sure we gave you the best life we could and sounded you with love and encouragement now you are taking control and we are so so proud of you.

Hollie Bell February 07, 2019

Beautiful sally, your story is so inspiring. I love sharing yoga with you and seeing you improve every time I see you.

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