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Sauerkraut is a fermented food that when consumed will introduce beneficial bacteria into your digestive system.  Sauerkraut improves bowel health, aids digestion, and improves immunity.

How to make Sauerkraut

You will need

Big bowl

Changing Habits Seaweed Salt

1/4 cup Kultured Wellness Kefir

1 Cabbage (sugarloaf, drumhead, purple)

1 Jar

  1. Finely shred cabbages.  You can use any type of cabbage, and even mix them together like I have done today.

  2. Place into a big bowl and sprinkle over 2 tsp salt and Kefir over the shredded cabbage.

  3. Start massaging the cabbage. You will notice it will become soft and juicy. You know its ready when you can squeeze the cabbage and juice drips into the bowl.

  4. Get your clean Mason Jar and pack the cabbage into the jar adding any juice that is in the bowl. Push the cabbage into the jar so its tightly packed and the juice rises above the cabbage.

  5. Once its all in the jar, before placing the lid on make sure that the juice is still above the cabbage if not use a small ceramic dish or left over cabbage core to 'pack' the cabbage further into the jar and place the lid.  Do not tighten the lid too much as you sauerkraut may explode!

  6. Place in a cool dark area and leave - Sugarloaf for 5 days and drumhead/purple cabbages for up to 2 weeks.

Please note you can get creative as you like - add kale, dulse flakes, beetroot, carrot etc to your mix!

Once you open your jar please place into the fridge.

Have fun fermenting!