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Kefir is a fermented drink and is full of amazing health benefits.  Other recognised Kefir drinks are made with sugar water (1/4 cup sugar dissolved in 1 litre water) and Milk Kefir.  I avoid dairy products and refined sugar so using coconut water makes sense!  Plus coconut water is also full of amazing health benefits.

Coconut kefir will enhance hydration and recolonize your gut and mucous membranes with healthy strains of beneficial microflora.  It supports your digestive tract, and assists healing your gut from health issues such as blood sugar imbalances, sugar cravings, weight gain, poor immunity, low energy and digestive disturbances.


You will need

coconut kefir starter
2 litres coconut water
2 litre jar


How to make it

Generation1 - Pour sachet into a 2lt jar, add in 2 litres coconut water
Give it a stir with wooden spoon and leave for up to 48 hours on the bench (time will depend on environment and heat).
When you stir the kefir you are looking for a healthy fizz, place into the fridge.

**For ongoing generations take 1 cup and add to 2 litres coconut water, repeating the process until you reach 5 generations. Once this has been reached it's time to purchase another starter

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