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Elspeths Liver Pate

Liver is highly nutritious meat and is one of the best sources of B Vitamins.The livers function is to support the bodies detoxification pathways so it is very important that when you are eating liver you make sure it comes from an organically raised animal. Eating liver is great for our energy levels but almost everyone struggles to eat it! This recipe is THE best I have ever tried, mild on the 'liver' flavour but extremely delicious and so far approved by everyone that has tried it. Be brave and give it a go!


300g Organic Turkey Liver (We get ours from GreenAg Organic Farms)

1 Onion sliced

fresh herbs - Thyme 

3 cloves Garlic

1/2 tsp Salt

125g cultured Butter or Ghee


Place turkey, onion, garlic and herbs into varoma or steamer (make sure you line the steamer to catch the juices).

Steam for 30 min or until the liver is cooked through (check the livers around 20 and 25 min).

Once cooked, place the steamed livers, onion and herbs into a blender, add in salt and butter. Blend until smooth.

Pour hot mixture into a clean jar and put lid on. Allow to cool and put into fridge.

Enjoy on your favourite crackers, with raw veggies or just by the spoonful!! x